The Things People Say October 14 2014, 0 Comments

I am often amused at the things I hear people say when we are working a festival. The unbridled amusement and sometimes, unfiltered bewilderment, when people stop in to check out our offerings can be quite entertaining. If you have never participated as a vendor/artist at a festival, it can be quite arduous and exhausting. But we, my husband George & I, love bantering and engaging with those that are curious about our banner "Bathe with you favorite beer!" and our soaps.

Here are some of the most popular sayings: 

Will I smell like beer?

Will it make me drunk if I eat it?

Do you actually use real beer? 

I usually spill beer on myself, is that the same thing?

I take a shower to stop smelling like beer and you want me to bathe in it?

and some of the more endearing ones:

These smell so good! I want to eat your soap!

I want my husband to smell like this!

Will your soap melt? I want to leave it in my truck, so my truck will smell good.


and of course we often receive the foodie type comments:

Awe...I thought it was fudge( with the sad disappointed look).

Is that cheese? Spoken from a small lass of about 8 years old with a lilt of hope, and mouthwatering desire dripping from his voice. 

We have actually had reports of people's dogs eating our soaps, but that is another story.

Then there are the ones that bee line in to look at our displays, which is the sole purpose of having them, but to check out our product line, not to try and buy our props.


The most surprising was a 13 yr old girl, wanting our beer taps... say what?! When asked why she wanted them and what would she do with them, I thought maybe her Dad was a home brewer. Nope, she wanted them for herself; to hook up a soda fountain. Cool! Then there was a guy that popped in the tent and proceeded to walk around the back of the display to see if we had a beer line, he was a little disappointed, as well as having issues with boundaries. 

Last but not least are the label readers, these are kindred souls, other soap artisans usually. You can always tell, most people pick up the soap and take a deep, lingering breathe to fully experience the beautiful aromatics of our products, instead of flipping to the back side of the product scrutinizing the ingredient label. It's all good, I just find it amusing and play the game as they dance around asking questions about my procedures. Hey, If ya want to know something, just ask me. If it is confidential information, I will say so. 

All in all it makes for an entertaining experience, so keep em coming!

Bathe with your favorite beer!